Hollywood Group Tours

Leader of Hollywood Group Tours, come see Los Angeles with a tour company you can trust. Official Hollywood Tour provides tours for Group Leaders, Group Travel Planners, Large Families, and Tourists who plan travel. Our group tours are competitive in price and includes lunch. Book your Los Angeles excursion now.

Our attractions, accommodations, and transportation services are exceptional. Our Hollywood Group Tours provides tours for Senior Group Leaders, Group Travel Planners, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, and Company Recreation Directors, Wedding Planners, Church Leaders and others who plan travel in large groups to Los Angeles, CA.

Our Official Hollywood sightseeing tour can accommodate large groups without any hassles.


Hollywood tourist attractions:

  • Warner Brothers Studio Tour
  • Universal Studios Tour
  • Hollywood
  • Disneyland VIP Bus
  • Celebrity Homes
  • TV Shows


The following vehicles will be used to transport your party:

We provide Hollywood Group tours to Anehiem, CA | San Diego, CA | Grand Canyon, AZ | Hoover Dam, NV |  based on your custom tour preferences